Report a Problem- Know your rights

Biological, chemical, and physical contamination of foods is a terrifying threat for the health and economic growth in developing societies.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of the top ranking countries where food safety is still a major concern and very little work is being done to handle the calamity, often by NGO’s and private companies or individuals. It is the reason that 7th June, 2019 was announced as World’s Food Safety Day to generate a massive campaign regarding importance of food safety. Unsafe food poses serious threat to human health.

Notably, more than 200 diseases were found to transmit through food. Apart from affecting heath conditions and increasing mortality rates, it is also responsible for increasing burden of disease.

But, here are few steps that can be taken to report a problem

What are the things consumers should observe to protect their rights?   

  • Consumers should observe the following in order to protect their rights.
  • Check date of manufacturing / expiry of the product(s) before purchase
  • Read ingredients / component parts / instructions of the product(s) / service(s)
  • Insist about rate list / price catalogue of product(s) / service(s)
  • Always get receipt of product(s) / service(s) purchased / hired
  • Ask for the capabilities or qualifications of the service provider, along-with the quality of the tools he intends to use for provision of the services
  • Ask about return and refund policy
  • Check design and standard of the product(s)
  • Check for the product’s safety / warning

Also, there is a limitation for filing a complaint in court which is 30 days from arising of the cause of action.

More so, 15-days legal notice is pre-requisite for filing claim in Consumer Court.

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